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Temporal” (2017);

für Klarinette und Sopransaxophon  

“Von Den Beinen Zu Kurz” (2017); 

Musik für Theater,  Reg.: Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter 

Soundscape” (2016); 

für Ensemble

“Expectaculations” (2016);

für Harfe und Viola 


“Trittico dei gesti” (2016); 

für Violoncello und Klavier 

I N S I G H T” (2016);

multimediale Musiktheater für Saxophon, Kontrabass, Schlagzeug, Tänzer und Live-Elektronik 


 for zwei Violine 

“Ak Marzhan” (2016); 

für Ensemble 

Sh_b_ (Alau)” (2016); 

für Ensemble 

Pendulum. Evaporation” (2015);

für Violoncello Solo und Orchester


Sardala” (2015); 

für Altflöte und Schlagzeug 

Aria” (2015); 

für Kontrabass, Klavier und live-Elektronik

"Farbraum Sounds”(2015); 

for Accordion, Laptop Ensemble, and Live-Video

“Glaube Liebe Hoffnung”  (2015); 

Reg.: Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter


for percussion, sensors and live electronics

“Rose – die Fremde” (2014);

Reg.: Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter

Baqsi I” (2014);

for string quintet   

String quartet No.3 (2014); 

“Burn” (2014); 

for Laptop Ensemble,, Piano and Video Projection

“Study I” (2014);

for AudioCubes, Disklavier and Djster  

“TSE/ALA” (2014); 

for Wave Field Synthesis and video projection

Baqsi” (2014);

for string quartet 

Schattenspiel im Spiegel (2014);

for flute and contrabass

Ante Lucem” (2013); 

for 12 voices and string orchestra

Light reminiscences(2012); 

for symphonic orchestra

“Wagner-Idyll” (2012); 

for symphonic orchestra

Paraphrase on “Dark eyes” (2012); 

for symphonic orchestra 

“BACH Passion” (2012);

for tuba solo

“No East, No West” (2011);

for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and percussion on Olzhas Suleimenov

“Turbulence of a rhythm” (2011); 

for trumpet solo

“Lamento” (2011); 

for flute quartet 

“Hommage à lui” (2011);

for cello solo 


for clarinet solo and symphonic orchestra 

“Com.position” (2010);

for 14 performers  

“Amoroso” (2010);

for clarinet, violin and piano

“Dedication to Issatay” (2009);

for chorus a capella

“Zavet” (2008);

for organ 

“Aniz” (2008);

for string orchestra

Ad imo pectore(2008);

for clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello


for clarinet and piano


for clarinet, violin and piano 

 “3 Vocalises” (2008); 

for voice and piano

Scherzo (2007); 

for flute quartet

Sonata (2007); 

for cello and piano

“Arnau” (2007); 

for dombra and string orchestra

 “Beatrice” (2007); 

for mezzo soprano and ensemble


“Y despues” (2007); 

for chorus  a capella  on F.Garcia Lorca

“Eco” (2007); 

for chorus  a capella  on F.Gercia Lorca

Duo (2007); 

per flauto e clarinetto 

“Toys” (2007);

music for short movie, Reg.: Nurgeldi Sadygulov

“Caprichos” (2005);

for piano solo (on prints by F.Goya)

“Edge” (2003);

for symphonic orchestra

String quartet No.2 (2002); 

String quartet No.1 (2001);

“The Wizard of the Emerald City” (2000)


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